Snow Day!

By February 9, 2014 Travel Photography 4 Comments

We woke up this morning to our surprise with a beautiful blanket of 6 inches of white snow outside. Today is Anson’s day off, his one rare weekend day where he thankfully doesn’t have to go into work. We had already made plans to stay in but needed a few things from the convenience store at the bottom of our hill so this afternoon we bundled up and trekked down.

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-2

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren

The neighbor girls said hello as they were making a snowman out front. The youngest here is getting more with her shovel. A few more kids were down our hill sledding and playing.

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-5

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-4

Anson is cold as he didn’t have a pair of boots to wear, all of them being still at work.

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-3

There were surprisingly few people out with even fewer cars on the unplowed roads. Our hill is quite steep even for walking.

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-10

We saw several motorcycles out running errands. These guys are usually delivery men or the meter men.

Snow Day Japan Naomi VanDoren-17

Back home now and happy to be warm again!

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