Reunion at the Gates of Heaven – Digital Painting

Late last night I finished what was then an untitled painting. I’m so pleased with it. It’s not because I think it’s amazing or something crazy like that (I do enjoy looking at my work) but because in it I can see tangible results from the time I’ve put towards painting in the last 6 months or so. I’m improving, sometimes slowly and others fast. I look at this piece and can say, “yes, I’m getting better at this.” and that is satisfying.

I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I enjoyed painting it. On to thumbnailing my next painting!

fantasy painting of a romantic couple at a city gate

Reunion at the Gates of Heaven  |  Print

Reunion-at-the-gates-of-heaven-painting-naomi-vandoren-1 Reunion-at-the-gates-of-heaven-painting-naomi-vandoren-2 Reunion-at-the-gates-of-heaven-painting-naomi-vandoren-3

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  • Joy says:

    When I was looking at your originial, I thought, I wish i had a zoom button to see all those fine details. Thanks for sharing it this way! Love watching the video work–great idea! I was thinking how far you’ve come and how year by year your skills are developing–imagining 5 years from now?! Amazing–keep on!
    PS. Love the elegancy of the girls dress, so reminds me of you! Neat seeing the personality of the painter in the painting:)

    • Naomi says:

      I’m so glad you like it! And with all the time I spent on the details it would be a shame to not include them. I figure this way you can enjoy them without having to scroll around on some large image. I’m contemplating making a timeline just for fun of the different years and the artwork I created. It would be interesting to see the progression and follow my interests along the way. And since I’m working more frequently on painting now 5 years… yeah, could be really cool! :D
      And the girl had to have a bit of a train with her dress… seemed fitting. Sort of like a princess and her prince. Very fairytale. :)

  • Aunt Rachel says:

    It’s breathtaking! I love how your art evokes a story. It makes me fell like I know them but also makes me want to know more. :)

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