Hexagon Quilt – Progress

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We have been traveling a lot recently. First, to two of the hubby’s sisters weddings in Texas back in December and January. A very busy two and a half weeks! And now again to see family and friends in Greenville and Charlotte, and soon the long haul from here (Charleston) to San Diego. You get it, a lot of driving! Well with all that driving I’ve started a little portable project to take with me. A hexagon quilt made up of all my leftovers from previous quilts. It is so exciting to see fabric that I still love find a new and very different look in a new project.

For those of you familiar with the quilting world the hexagons I’m using you might recognize in the more traditional “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” quilts. I decided to change it up and not do flowers, instead opting for a scattered look.

All of my fabric so far is from my very little stash, leftovers or fat quarters I’ve never used.

Hexagon paper pieced Asian Oriental Quilt

My sample pack of Asian fabrics, all 21 of them.

Here is an idea of what it might look like with what I have. Keep in mind that this photo is all Photoshop! None of these are actually sewn together yet! I’m saving that for later when I have a few more done.

Hexagon paper pieced Asian Oriental Quilt

Photoshop is wonderful for laying quilts out!

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