Forest Queen – Digital Painting

I’m preparing yet again for another event this weekend, April 12-13th. In preparation I’ve been madly working on new artwork for you. My newest is this one, “Forest Queen”.

As always I started from a black-n-white thumbnail, though this time I didn’t create a batch like I usually do but quickly decided on the composition and moved into adding color. Noah’s Art Camp has gotten me into that wonderful habit. The color pallet was inspired my some of Eyvind Earle’s work.

Anson has been so incredibly helpful in pointing out the paintings that have done well in the past and helping pick out what about them has done well. I struggle with wanting to call a piece finished long before I’ve put enough time into it. The bones are there but not the detail, the depth. This one I pushed and when I felt it was done I put in another hour on it to really polish it up.

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