Deep Creek Hot Springs

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Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Almost every weekend in San Diego we were able to go somewhere. Deep Creek Hot Springs we ended up going to twice!

But first some amazing flower fields on our way there. You could pay to go in and walk closer but the view from the road was just as good. I noticed several artist set up painting all the beautiful colors.
Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs | NaomiVanDoren.comBoth of our experiences here at Deep Creek were really enjoyable, relaxing. As we are learning is to be expected, most west coast hot springs usually have their fair share of nudists. This one is actually maintained by some. Thankfully here there were very few people at all and those that were present very “normal” and modest. It is strange to say but I felt comfortable around them… most of them. Certainly has to do with how you act just as much as how they do as well. I seems the rude and disturbing people we found were the ones that got all weird around naked people, pointing out the obvious and being loud. If you can carry on a conversation with a nudist as if they were clothed then you’re set.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

To get to Deep Creek Hot Springs you can either park at a ranch (and pay $5 per person to park on his private property) or drive a Jeep and park for free on the park land. We only had the option of parking at the ranch and the owner was very nice. He seemed quite concerned with the upkeep of the hot springs and so we took a trash bag he offered down and Anson gathered all sorts of discarded things along the way.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

The fence dividing the ranch parking and the park path.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

The path marker where you can park for free, about 1/3 of the way to the creek.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

At the top of the ridge that you walk along you have a good view of the area. The hot springs are in the top center, the rocky corner with a few bright green trees.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

The upper pool, and the hottest, as the source is just behind me in the photo.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

There are all kinds of rocks to climb around on. Both trips we set out a towel and read for a while with intervals of hot spring soaking. We found an awesome perch over the lower pools along the creek. I didn’t bring my camera on the second trip but I caught on my phone a man slack-lining over the creek. Several others tried it since he offered but I don’t think any made it across.

Deep Creek Hot Springs |

And a photo back at home of my little water color illustrations of found things there. Made with deep creek water.

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  • Deborah VanDoren says:

    Thanks, Naomi, for the adventures in photos!

  • vivian raines says:

    You must have been near a seed farm since it looks like red poppies and yellow calendula in bloom. The yellows are hard to make out in the photo but that would have been bloom time for them too. The girl in the pool is so lovely and the slack rope walking looks like fun without worry – nice landing if you fall. That Anson looks like a serious hiker. Really rugged country and you would have to know the place was there. Nudity is everywhere and you will see lots of it in the hot springs baths in Japan. It’s easy to look at the person not what appendages they carry. Love you always Granny V

  • Aunt Rachel says:

    “If you can carry on a conversation with a nudist as if they were clothed then you’re set.”

    This is a great analogy for life and not treating people differently just because they appear or behave differently.

    (Great pictures, too, of course!)

    • Naomi says:

      Can I “like” this comment?! :D
      It is certainly a hard analogy to live by but I think I’ve progressed in leaps and bounds in the past few years.

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