Color & Light

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On Thursday my signed copy of James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” arrived. I am so excited! Since we live in Japan media mail takes some time to arrive so I’ve been eagerly awaiting its arrival since late July. I immediately began flipping through and skimming the pages and was blown away by so much information! I’m hooked! Each page is filled with information, techniques and observations that I never knew. If you haven’t read Color and Light I can now (along with everyone else) personally highly recommend it! Read More


A long & slow process…

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…Of getting back into painting. I took a little bit of hiatus from painting to travel back to the US last month. Since returning it’s taken a bit of time to get back up to speed but I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished not one but two paintings in the last few days. This first painting currently lacks a name and so I would love your input and thoughts. Leave your ideas here on my blog in the comments.

Edit: You will (I hope) be happy to hear that I have decided to title it “Anticipation“. Thank you to all of you that left suggestions on Facebook! Read More


Art Camp – Week 2 & 3

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The past two weeks have flown by since I started Noah’s Art Camp. Here are some highlights for you. First, week two was about sketching daily so we did lots of sketchbook work. It’s something I’m happy to say I’ve kept doing since in some form. Week three was about perspective and studying our surroundings. I’m already familiar with perspective and don’t find it terribly intimidating but it was great to pick up some tips and practice more.

And at the end of this post I’ve got a treat for you, a sneak peak at two of my paintings in progress. Enjoy! Read More


Art Camp – Week 1

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This past month I’ve re-enrolled in Noah’s Art Camp. Some of you may remember that I signed up for it last year in November. That was when I mark the beginning of this painting journey. This time around the set up is completely different with a dedicated forum for all of us to participate in discussions, critique or casual art chat. So far it is a wonderful upgrade from using Facebook.

Our first week of homework was very fun and enjoyable however it began when Anson departed so balancing homework and staying distracted and sane is a bit difficult. Here’s what I published to my sketchbook on tumblr with a bit of commentary. I hope that you find this interesting. Read More


Hansel & Gretel – Digital Painting

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For the last week I’ve been working on a painting for ImagineFx’s monthly contest, this month themed “fairy tales”. (Entries close on the 30th where finished pieces will then be voted on and can be found here on ImagineFx’s forums.) With your help via Facebook I have a nice list of stories to pick from and ended up deciding on Hansel & Gretel. I picked their tale because it was very recognizable once simplified into a single painted scene and didn’t require an explanation with it. Using your suggestions as topics I see this piece as a starting point for more fairy tale paintings. Read More


Indonesia Travel Tips

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January 26th, 2014

Today is our last day in Bali before headed back to Japan, and we’re trying hard not to think about the fact that our vacation is almost over. We were up pretty late last night chatting about anything and everything, so we slept in some this morning. We ate our first breakfast outside the hotel (the buffet breakfast here was included in the price, so we made good use of it), and chose a pancake place here in Kuta called Flapjaks. Naomi had bananas foster waffles, and I had barbecue chicken pancakes. Both very tasty, and quite affordable. Read More

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