A Walk About Charleston

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On the 1st, a friend and I walked downtown Charleston. I came away with some lovely shots and a new print! Thought I would share my walk with you…

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 11

This was above someone’s garage. Love the architectural details that you can find here.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 10

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 1

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 6 (1)

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 2

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 3 (1)

One of my favorite things about the downtown area are all the secret enclosed outdoor spaces.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 3

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 9

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 4

My favorite intricate fence.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 6

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 7 (1)

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 7

Another garden viewed through the bars of a fence. The sounds of water complete with lush grass would certainly make this spot ideal for napping.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 8

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 4 (1)

This one tree has wound it’s way up and all over this fence.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 5 (1)

This next house is on the famous “Rainbow Row”, a street of very colorful row houses. I particularly liked this window box.


Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 2 (1)

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 5

Ending our walk at the Battery. This house reminds me of a doll house, complete with a fairytale owl.

Charleston-Downtown-Walk-Naomi-VanDoren 1 (1)


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